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Into the …

15 februari 2019

… blue

New puzzle panels with hand sewn eyelets


19 december 2018

… what does the eye spy…

Something wrong?
did you observe it?
I got carried away by the fantastic paper like feel.
I cut out my panels and sew my precious silk,
totally focussed on how to sew curves and trimmed excess away.
And now the corset does not fit.

Note from pep squad:

Rememder Bondaweb = GLUE!
Do not use 15 mm seam allowance use 10 mm instead, the panels will be easier to handle. Trim down allowance to 5mm the Bondaweb fused fabric will not fray easy.

Spännande mycket spännande …

18 december 2018

… nytt mönster och KLISTER…

Det här är första gången jag arbetar med bondaweb så det skall bli spännande se hur det fungerar.