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Into the …

15 februari 2019

… blue

New puzzle panels with hand sewn eyelets

Reconnecting …

09 februari 2019

… my braincells,
after intense sewing and problem solving last week

What a week, the sewing of Soft Wire part 6

06 februari 2019

You never learn do you?

Panic brained over bubbly back panel late in the evening on Feb 3rd I had a date with my former best friend the little blue seam ripper seen on desk. I unpicked the upper part of both seam allowance covers to release the bubbling it did release the wrinkeling. What was I thinking? I have no time to resew this. Why did I not go to bed and sleep on it?

What a week, the sewing of Soft Wire part 5

06 februari 2019

Ignore the clock!
Give it time and do not rush your stitching.

Heart racing as the clock ticked on Feb 3rd.

What a week, the sewing of Soft Wire part 4

06 februari 2019

Early morning February 3
My will not give up!

My ambition is still to sew a neat corset.

This is the not so speedy sewing part of stubborn hand sewing.  04.00 in morning it is really dark outside in northern Sweden and to see where I was sewing I had to use my magnifier.

The smooth inside of the corset can be seen in magnifier.
I had to flip back and forth to see if the stitching of the upper lining held a neat line

This is the outside of Soft Wire

 I manage to overcome my cutting anxiety and used this beautiful thin white vintage tissue like linen fabric for lining. I have only 2 meters and bias cutting it into strips was very stressful I discovered. I think I might have a cutting up fabric problem to address later on.

What a week, the sewing of Soft Wire part 3

06 februari 2019

February 2

Giving up is not my forte I still had my inner shell. With some rethinking of my construction and a major cover up of the seam allowances I might just be able to at least get a project sewn in time before the deadline on Feb 4th.


Eyelet mania

25 januari 2019

Every change of fabric craves
a new back panel  and even more hand sewn eyelets


24 januari 2019

… Wrrroooooooom…


Nope flat as a pancake


Lin …

23 januari 2019

… så vackert och enklare att hantera.

Nu Jag provsytt mig igenom alla mina tygsorter. Min fina Husqvarna automatic omvandlas till en grön chewing-mashine med monster ambitioner så snart den kommer i kontakt med siden. Jag vart tvärsnål med mitt tätvävda bomullstyg från Gammelstad. Tyget makalöst att sy i, håller formen fint MEN huga så oförlåtande och du sätter nålar i. Inga märken försvinner. Bäst att lägga undan detta tyg till dess att har blivit duktigare på att hantera symaskinen.

Hmmm då finns det bara två tygsorter kvar att välja mellan linne och ull. En liten ullig korset hade varit något att visa upp men till ett sådant projekt bör jag nog öva lite mera sömnad. Så det får bli en annan gång. Ja då var det bara favorittyget kvar Linne.

Fram med rullkniven och vrrrrrrrrr zackzacka vrrrrrrrrrrr
för lin finns det nämligen ingen monstervarning.

Wohoohooo …

14 januari 2019

Admit you got sidetracked!
No, I make another me.

Inspired by Caroline Woollins article on Making a One Panel Corset with Gores
I now make me another me to keep me company.