This must be a sign

01 augusti 2021

August will be filled with luck


Flower time …

29 juli 2021

I think our Garden Gnome favours red and orange this year
Monarda Didyma, Poppy and French Marigold

Dating again

26 juli 2021

Yes, as always when I cannot focus
I start dating my blue seam ripper.

This time I unpicked a nice light weight shirt 70%cotton/30%silk. I need some very light weight fabric for a flimsy frill and one way to get hold of this kind of fabric to reasonable price is thrift clothes cheap, unpick them and reuse the fabric.

Sommar sommar sommar …

23 juli 2021

I am making a quick knit string for embroidery
while listening to the Swedish radio program Sommar i P1.

Each day two meters and now I am almost done knitting the 159m/ 174 yd DMC perle cotton ball size 20

A needle through the print

22 juli 2021

No there is nothing wrong with your screen.

I find this coffee coloured Fabriano Rosapina paper difficult to work with. The colours turn out muted compared to a white printing paper. I also discovered that the paper is harder glue and if not soaked properly the edges of the circle and ridges of the motive will burst with fine hairline craks. Soaked for at least 6 hours these cracks will not appear so I need to plan my printing more carefully .

Good Morning

30 juli 2021

The experiment continues

I have finally made the 179 meter long DMC thread into a knitted string. Next step will be to make some wool buttons to cover with either fine linen or silk fabric and then embroider. Hmmm what am I making?

Feeding Butterflies

29 juli 2021

Burning Sun and no rain for days
most of the green is now turning brown.

Bees and Butterflies need nectar and pollen this oregano plant provides both . I do hope rain will come soon until it does I will continue to water some plants with a can.


21 juli 2021

I have had a much needed time of,
but now I am back.
You are welcome to follow my journey and see how the coming art projects evolve

Summer holiday

20 juli 2021

Our Clementine tree really love this summer heat
it has grown in size and
gifted us with more than 30 flowers this summer

Happy …

08 juli 2021

… Garden Gnome …

Torkel captured this image of pure joy.
Finally we managed to make the troublesome area of the garden presentable
Thank you Gunilla, Barbro and Louise for helping out.
Now we wait and see what will grow