Kelly said …

13 september 2020

Say after me

Perhaps there is …

12 september 2020


Detta bildspel kräver JavaScript.

… room for some optimism

The soggy feeling pep squad candidate has been working on personal development this past week.

Good morning,

11 september 2020

The point is ???

What was yesterday

10 september 2020

… is no more

Today the pep squad candidate became both flustered and starstruck seeing me

From angry to …

09 september 2020


So sorry, but …

06 september 2020

… I woke up on the wrong side today

Nope, the …

05 september 2020

… make over did NOT make the soggy feeling go away.

Well today the new …

05 september 2020

… pep squad candidate felt kind of soggy

Day 2

04 september 2020

Feeling Greenish

Say it one more time …

03 september 2020

 .. with feeling

Newborn pep squad candidate
day 1

Yep, I knew it

28 augusti 2020

You are making a hat with a hairdo



25 augusti 2020

the Wiglet

This was once …

25 augusti 2020

an Helene Curtis Wiglet Modacrylic Modac53

It was handed down to me from my husbands grandmother. The hair colour and  fibre thickness is a perfect match to my hair. Even thou the Wiglet has been well used and washed many times the curls still shapes nicely and the fibre hair is not brittle. The foundation net and the sewing threads that keep the fibers to the foundation has expired years ago. So it is time for renovation or even better to repurpose the Wiglet into a new shape.




24 augusti 2020

Can you see what is real and what is synthetic?


23 augusti 2020

This is no Big-Ass hat