Need a Hatveil?

16 januari 2022

Then knot one if you remember how to, snickered peppy
Yes, lets see how this was done

My Mom was good at knotting different kinds of net and I remember her patiently trying to learn me how to when I was a kid. The basic know how for knotting over a spacer might still there. Lets see if I can tap into the autopilot department, the hands ought to remember how to knot net just the same as I remember the basic how to knit.

Happy National Hat Day!

15 januari 2022

Pep support needed

11 januari 2022

Peppy said: Zoom in on the black darning mushroom instead of crying floods of frustration tears over the misshapen pattern test in black Sinamay. Some patterns will be hard to transfer from one material to the another and some shapes are just not meant to be. Cut away the surplus Sinamay and move one.

Okey, I cut away the surplus and use it for other smaller shapes and I will need a new shape to mount them on.

Testing black Sinamay on a white tarlatan foundation. This might work nicely but the foundation need a cover. Perhaps a patchwork made from different types of scavenged silk will work out nicely. Below thin silk taffeta and the foundation that needs a cover.

Draping a Hat pattern

10 januari 2022

I need a base pattern I can trace on paper so that I can test new shapes and where to put the seam lines more easy. I draped a brim pattern on this hat block.

The pattern was draped on the cone shaped brim. With one seam line the flattened the brim pattern look like this.

Hrmm, and we …

09 januari 2022

… are back to jellyfish …

Good Morning

09 januari 2022

Back on track with the Ice blue Sinemay project. Experimenting mean using up material and being on a low budget finding material to upcycle becomes a kind of sport. Such as this thin paper coated steel wire I use instead of a coated millenary wire. My wire comes originally from a scavenged broken paper lampshade.

The answer is

08 januari 2022

I think the concentration problem might have to do with me searching my boxes containing bits of scavenged material for upcycling projects. It can be very inspiring and sidetracking. Like finding a mixed bag of pearls holding it up to the light and discover that some old faux pearls are among the more modern vintage ones made from Vax and glass.

Do you have a problem …

08 januari 2022

… with concentration? The peppy squad member whispered.
You keep starting on new projects without finishing the previous.
How come?

Little Black …

07 januari 2022

… something.

I am still testing how to make Sinemay domes and orbs. This time I use a detachable wooden dome shaped head originally made for a Darning Mushroom.

Gula ärtor

06 januari 2022

kan användas till mer än mat