Good Morning

20 juni 2022

Wish the world a better week

Good evening

19 juni 2022

I am still here

Good Morning Wednesday

15 juni 2022

Will there be changes for the better
in the world today?

Good Morning

14 juni 2022

Wish you all a lucky Tuesday


13 juni 2022

…centimeter of neat even netting veil.

It seems like I was just in time to fresh up lace making, you get out of practice fast. At a speed of 5cm per hour with 86 pairs of bobbins the Royal Blue hat veil is slowly growing into something usefull. Note to self: Tulle bottom will pull out of shape if you do not have an even pull on all four threads.


01 juni 2022

I think this will be a time consuming little experiment to make.

I found a small box of 12 Royal blue thread balls a while ago in my local thrift store and fell in love with the colour. To keep up the lace making speed I need to practice so I decided to see how long a 23 cm wide net I can make if one pair of thread measures one length of my smaller studio desk 160 cm. One net will have 86 pairs of bobbins and use up almost two thread balls.

Tjoho, here we go!
Lets revisit Knyppelland.

Good Morning are you sure…

31 maj 2022

… that this is hat related
Wish you a better Tuesday

Good Morning Monday

30 maj 2022

Bib front in making
I am still here and I am back in the Studio.
I have been Garden Gnoming last week so I have not had much time to sew.
I wish you all a better week

Good Morning Wednesday

25 maj 2022

Perhaps Wool can substitute for feathers

Good Morning Tuesday

24 maj 2022

Orbing out
clean up workspace?