09 maj 2021

New matrix drafted in Photoshop from old matrix


07 maj 2021

ruined my life

Good Morning …

05 maj 2021

you always make excuses

Neuron synapse

04 maj 2021

Sometimes you just need to keep moving forward.
Wish you all a fantastic day

Go brain cell

03 maj 2021

Cell body with axon

Yes, she is …

02 maj 2021

definitely colour blind,
whispered the ultra peppy pep squad

Good Morning Sunshine

01 maj 2021


Good Morning

30 april 2021

 We celebrate 30 April in Sweden
The snow is melting and spring is on its way

Link to
Längtan till landet: Vintern rasat

sung by Orfie Drängar

Oh no, K !!!

29 april 2021

She is DOoomed
she found the mirror

Pause signal

23 april 2021

Appliqué design in making