YRV – colour code

01 december 2020

Today the pep squad speak in code

Spattered …

29 november 2020

… red

Medium hard rubber roller with red on intaglio plate


27 november 2020

… som kristyr på en liten kaka

Nope! This is a no go

26 november 2020

The print from this matrix

turned out

blurred and meaningless.

I think it might be better to re-cut the matrix and see what happens

More …

25 november 2020

… pink and yellow

Different matrix with 4 levels of depth for applying colour with intaglio and rubber roller.

Woopsy …

24 november 2020

… this turned out really really pink, orange and spring green.

Experimenting with viscosity printing and Intaglio ink from Charbonell. I do get some unexpected colour results when using different types of rubber rollers. PINK and orange from The Cardinal red when combined with Primrose yellow.

The colours are vibrating and howering
but in the end of the day my eyes only see gray .

Good Morning

23 november 2020

A red apple for the mildly skeptical  Pep squad
Glue for her friend
green dots for me

Go fish?

22 november 2020

What is this?

Cancelled exhibition Old meets New

19 november 2020

Hello Dear Readers
Sorry to disappoint
due to the Swedish Corona restrictions

Please stay safe


Cell structures …

19 november 2020

… on my mind