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24 februari 2021

Q: Have you learned anything new in 2020, other than hand sewing do take more time than estimated,
draping is hard to master but fun and last minute ironing in poor light might give no fun results come better light the day after.

A: Yes, I think I might have learned something new in 2020 I even set up goals for sewing:
Learn draping, accepting draped pattern result, work with optical illusions, make a look like dress from inspirational regency fashion plates, mindfulness in hand sewing, sew neat, overcome cutting anxiety, work with minimum textile waste, cut and sew silk fabric.

I have been trying to grip how to create the illusion of symmetry in a dress by draping and pleating directly on ME the mirror image of my asymmetric body. My competition entry Drottningen is the result of this study.

The dress is a Regency hybrid inspired by the images found on my Jane Austen mood board on Pinterest. It was tempting to use a pre-made regency pattern for the dress but knowing that I would have to alter such a pattern beyond recognition kept me from trying out any commercial pattern. It was learning how to drape and shape something wearable directly on ME that has been the ultimate goal.

Another goal was to become better and faster at hand sewing and to sew neat.

The dress is entirely hand sewn.

Displayed flat as seen in the pictures above and below
the dress may look wonky but on the body it is fits comfortable.

Pleats and back of dress.
Cover for pleats are turned up for better view of pleats

Inside sleeves

As always the materials I use for my projects are thrift store findings.  Thrift store fabrics may come with surprises such as folds that will not come out, random sun bleaching and damage from washing. Silk is often brittle due to machine washing and the bias of  and centrifugation. I never seem to learn that it is a good thing to have extra fabric for mistakes and not just enough fabric for a very tight lain pattern puzzle.  My work desk crash site might give of other vibes than zero waste but I do aim for zero waste when cutting fabric and piecing smaller bits together into bigger pieces. Very few fabric bits are actually thrown out.

When sewing I try to make the seams as invisible as possible.

For the dress Drottningen I used these materials all bought in thrift stores pre Corona.
Shell fabric 3.20 meter yellow dupioni silk and 80cm white for bias tape on neckline. Bodice: table cloth from cotton and linen. Interlining for sleeves and belt 100%-cotton a stiff light Indian curtain. Threads: 100%-cotton for non visual sewing, visual seams are sewn with threads pulled from weft of the silk fabric. Bling: vintage metal sequins, metal thread. For closing the dress a hand made linen quick knit string  and a white silk ribbon.


Head shot from the makeshift Castel in my workroom
Photo shoot for competition entry 2021

The Corona snout is sewn from linen and hemp with internal filter in snout extension. I drafted the pattern spring 2020 as it was impossible to get hold of the facial masks I normally wear outdoor against pollen.

The St. Birgitta’s cap I wear in the photo shoot is hand sewn from linen. The pattern is drafted by Cathrin Åhlén and she has a very nice tutorial on her website on how to sew this cap. (Klick on image below to go to site)


Drottningens klänning – the story

24 februari 2021

As a child I was gifted the storybook diamantfugeln og andre eventyr written by the Swedish author Anna Wahlenberg (1858-1933). The stories in this book made a huge impression on me as this was one of the first books I read all by myself. So I reread my beloved storybook and found that it was the bird characters in the tales that had made an everlasting impression on me. This turned out to be a tiny problem, sewing a magpie-costume or the diamond bird did not feel quite right as a competition entry.

Anna Wahlenberg has written other stories and I might find something on the internet so I googled  and found her at Litteraturbanken.se (klick on image to get to site)

Interesting her writings are available as facsimiles for reading on this site.  So I started reading and soon I found that she has written theatre plays as well.

I found Sagoteatern (1911) a book containing small theatre plays. For my competition entry I have chosen a scene from the play Féens guddotter (Fairy godmothers daughter). Ett sagospel i två akter.
Project Runeberg has made this book available for download 

The setting is a castle room with big windows, 3 doors for entering and leaving and a huge floor seized mirror. I imagine Versailles but had to settle for makeshift photo booth in my workroom. I was not able to procure help from a stylist so please bear over with me wearing a Birgitta-cap and Corona snout for the photo session.

Characters in the play are: Kungen (the widowed young king), Drottningen (his mother the Queen), Bolla (aunt), Britta (fairy godmothers daughter) and 5 hovdamer (5 ladies of the court). My competition character entry is based on Drottningen; the scene is the dress fitting session on page 90-91. Imagine that the Queen is in her mid-fifties, trying on dresses from the bygone era of her glory days in the early 19th century, deeply discontent with her actual looks.

(klick on image to get to play)

Fairy Godmothers Daughter is written in Swedish so I have translated the lines it into English.

Drottning (Pouting sourly at her mirror image) line 8-11 p 90

Hu, this dress is a misfit. And the color! It makes me al yellow in the face, and how oddly it fit! It completely dishevels my elegant figure. How many dresses have I not tried on?

Förste hovdam
-None, your majesty this was the last one


-The last one! And no better than the other misfits! This is hopeless! (Sigh) Earlier times at least they could hang their tailors and seamstresses when they were displeased with them, nowadays you don’t get that comfort. And could it be done then it would be difficult, I would have to hang every seamstress in the land. Not one is of use.


The sad King enters the room and greets his discontent mother vailing over the thirty six misfits she tried on. The King suggests that Mom slightly overestimate her fitting problem. Her reply

Drottningen (line 17-19 p91)

No so, my son. It is of no use defending those miserable seamstresses I know that beautiful dresses can be sewn. Thirty years ago every dress every dress fitted me perfectly!


Evening post with love

23 februari 2021

Mindfulness with hand sewing

 picture taken by Hubbie with silent mode on camera

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23 februari 2021

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22 februari 2021

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20 februari 2021

Modern times
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19 februari 2021

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Look what I found

19 februari 2021

I found this really nice photo stream from Doverode Book Arts Festival in 2011 when I Googled my name. If you visit the link above you will see many inspiring, fun and beautiful Artist’s Books.

This fantastic photo of my Artist’s Book In the Air was taken
when it was exhibited at Doverode Book Arts Festival in 2011
another view can be seen here