I need more than one plan

01 juni 2020

Why are there no digital plans when you need them?

I keep coming back to the fact that I need to visualize my thoughts on plans. If there are no plans it will be very hard for the entrepreneur and us to remember what changes are to be made. So I have been drafting a scale 1:200 digital plan in Illustrator from old A1-paperplans. This is why I have been so absent. The mapping takes more time than I anticipated and I need the map to be done by tomorrow.


The Number is

28 maj 2020


Scribbling …

27 maj 2020

… knit …


06 juni 2020

Best mail ever arrived the other day.

Strange and funny

26 maj 2020

There might be something right about that knitting statement.
When thinking on how to knit it is impossible to coordinate mind and hands, very frustrating.
Ignoring logic, closing my eyes and clearing my head from thoughts
my hands and brain work on autopilot and it is possible to knit.


Good Morning

25 maj 2020

They say knitting is like riding a bicycle
once learned it will stay with you for life.
I will put this saying to the test the rest of may.

Up until now I have been a reluctant knitter, deemed almost hopeless by those who with outer worldly patience insisted on learning me the most basic how to skills.  Mom, Mother in law and Mona, I woke up yesterday with a project Idea so I will finally will give knitting a try.

Good morning …

06 maj 2020

Diving for tabletop treasure

Klick klacK

05 maj 2020

Hmm bad hair day

Mixed Fibre

05 maj 2020

Many thin strands with soft fibres of flax are carefully knotted and combed into the 18th century hairdo.  To create an illusion of algae and underwater feel the flax are complemented with fluffed green vintage rayon fibres.