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Giving ME a good …

25 oktober 2019

… squeeze with a boneless corset …

ME my newly sewn tailors dummy needed yet another downsizing so I laced on one of my many corset toiles i made last autumn and last it thight. ME now have a total of +5 cm build in space for breathing, movement and weight gain. Lets see how this draped and handsewn purple dupioni silkdress turn out.

But …

24 oktober 2019

This is Purple not green.
Whispered the pep squad dissapointed



23 oktober 2019

Vintage Buy

Always the optimist

22 oktober 2019

I fell into a mind trap and lost track of time.
Every time I picked down the draped pattern my brain and hands instantly started to correct the asymmetric pattern pieces into something that looked correct a symmetrical. Only one big problem I am not symmetrical so the corrected flat pattern will not fit. Draped patterns made on my tailors dummy will fit since the dummy is made from a on my body fitted Toile.

for learned misconceptions, pattern blindness  and mind loops
No green dress for me this year.
But why give up
There is still time
May 2020 is month away


Does it show?

20 oktober 2019

I am totally in love with Hubbie

Foto Mattias Petterson,
photobooth Umeå Universitets arshogtiden 2019

Sinedie 16

20 oktober 2019

Last touch
before sending the pages to Maria C in Spain.

I do hope they will not get lost in the Post and arrive safely

Good morning

10 oktober 2019

wip 2
Sinedie 16
Glow in the dark

Never ending story …

07 oktober 2019

Text on waxpaper

Good morning here …

06 oktober 2019

… a little Sneak peak,
on some Book pages for the Sinedie 16 edition

Green …

05 oktober 2019

… dupioni silk