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Did you finish the knitting?

30 juni 2020

It was fun and difficult to knit. I soon discovered that I only could knit when walking. If I stood still I started to think and the knitting connection between hands and mind broke. Strange and interesting. There is still some work to be done on this project and I might  even attempt to knit a neater one with white thread instead of summer green.

This is what my first knitting looks like seen from the front.

This is the backside.



29 juni 2020

Scribbling summer green linen threads.

Once Upon a Time…

26 juni 2020

Hello, Challenge!
Perhaps some re purposing textiles and sewing
will do good in these strange times.
Taking the time to read a book is nice.

But why not …

Start this project up slowly with not picking a book or a character from a book.
Selecting a century might be good and selecting materials to.
Simply start in the wrong end.

This ill fitting cotton batiste shirt will be dating my seam ripper

Child, keep your …

22 juni 2020

… distance.


Jepp …

21 juni 2020

sopptärningsfolien fäster fint på träknappar.

He was so cute!

20 juni 2020

Mansplaining the life of a duck for her
that Rachel just nodded and smiled.

Good Morning

19 juni 2020

Was this what you dreamt of?

Ooh my!

18 juni 2020

There where a crackling and sizzling sound
and then Cecile emerged out of nowhere.


17 juni 2020


Soak and …

16 juni 2020

… peel