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Soft rolled edges

18 november 2019

Working with Sinamay is a challange.

I need to practice my rolling skill some more. It took me hours before I managed to achieve a soft rolled edge without any sharp and broken lines. Next time I will start with a circle not a square. I will ad +1 cm for roll edge to the circles circuit before cutting having less surplus material and even edges to start with might make rolling easier. Hmmm

Good morning

17 november 2019

strange things will be cooking in our Kitchen.

Ocean Blue Sinamay …

16 november 2019

… on the table waiting to be cut.

Good evening

16 november 2019

Up-cycling was the given word.

 Today  I have been exploring how best to wear a lampshade.

Magic in the air

15 november 2019

Oh my!

14 november 2019

Scissor Mania i Knyppelland

Lazy Susan …

13 november 2019

has entered Knyppelland

Knyppling blir …

13 november 2019

… så mycket roligare
med en handvevat vintage spolmaskin

Bastard knyppling

12 november 2019

Scaled Practice Lace

Reflexer i

11 november 2019