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01 februari 2020



30 januari 2020

Major set back
Inside white but outside falling apart
I need to put the stay cover back on ME, rearrange and sew down all the stripes by hand.
I got time


29 januari 2020

of chocolate cake



28 januari 2020

-Did you eat all that chocolate!
Yes, but not all by me self I baked many cakes and shared with good friends,
I have been collecting chocolate paper for more that 10 years.

Time to use some

Chocolate paper …

27 januari 2020

… as a part of the cover up …

Weee …

24 januari 2020

…Yesterday was…

Patterning the lining

23 januari 2020

 The inside is always white
Luca Costigliolo Mentor on Foundations Revealed

I am happy and I keep learning.

The inside is no longer the same as the outside

Oh my oh my

22 januari 2020

Is this why Hubbie can not find his favourite jeans?
Yes, I cut them up and sew a pair of stays.

Give me a …

21 januari 2020

… a flexible bone.

Night work

18 januari 2020

When you do not feel your toes after 10 minutes of wearing your nice stays you might consider dating both seam ripper and scissors. Perhaps cutting it up and altering the sewing project in the middle of the night was not the best idea. Hopefully I can scavenge  some of the pieces and sew something new.