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Hopping into …

16 februari 2020


Detta bildspel kräver JavaScript.

into my Coffeebag skirt on a Sunday

Hand sewing

11 februari 2020

Detta bildspel kräver JavaScript.

Silent mode on a camera is a good thing

Hubbie took these photos when I was fitting each veil/chocolate paper stripe separately to the foundation and sewing them down with reflex thread with my hook needle.

Dressing ME up

10 februari 2020

Torkel har tagit många fina ögonblicksbilder från ateljén när jag sydde Sweet Dreams.

Jag gillar verkligen hans bilder och kommer därför att lägga upp ett urval av bilderna på bloggen.

Finding the right

09 februari 2020

balance in life

Mmm chocolate

06 februari 2020

… cake …


the best part

Golden chocolate paper

How much coffee …

05 februari 2020

… did you have to drink,
before having collected enough inner plastic bags to sew a skirt???

Many many cups


Dreamy dreamy me

04 februari 2020

Thank you AnnaLena, I could not have done this without your help getting dress.
Wearing a paper coffee cup and stays made from chocolate paper is the best feeling ever.

It makes me squeal with laughter.

Early morning

02 februari 2020



01 februari 2020


Repurposing a Wedding dress

01 februari 2020

Dating my seam ripper.

I could not sleep so I started to unpick a lovely silk wedding dress size way to small for me bought in a thrift store a while ago. I removed the sleeves , belt, decorations and lining left is the silk dress outer shell. I will repurpose the shell into a soft shift to go underneath my stays.