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Goodmorning Shoulder seam

30 juni 2019

2 cm seam allowance on back panel and 1 cm on bodice front.
Sewn with teeny tiny backstitches.

Sew right side facing right side with backstitch.

Turn over bodice front and top stitch seam allowance with a tiny back stitch.
and then what???


29 juni 2019



Today a Flirt …

29 juni 2019

… with a unpicked recycled linen skirt


28 juni 2019

Sleeve fit

Now I just need to unpick top of sleeve and try with tiny tiny pleats

YEs… but …aaah…

27 juni 2019

This might just fit

Constructing sleeves is a bit tricky. What do these dreamy Jane Austen period dresses really look like? After spending many hours reading on internet and collecting images on my Pinterest mood board and double checking pattern pieces with images in  Patterns of Fashion 1 by Janet Arnold  I think I finally managed to draw a pattern to that look like regency and sleeves that might even fit. Next step hand sew. Then try on and weep with either relief or frustration.

Good morning, Is this …

26 juni 2019

… our future?

Why give up?

15 juni 2019

When there is a new opportunity to start over
challenge your sewing skills.

Some one asked me if I would sew something for 2020 Foundations Revealed Contest? Yes, I just might do that. If you would like to read more about the 2020 theme, rules and browse the Mood boards click on the original sites links in the quote below. This is how the 2020 theme is presented on the website:

Mythologies and legends of rebirth and restoration abound across the world. From the phoenix rising from the ashes to the Goddess Flora heralding Spring, delve into the patterns, textures and stories of traditional sagas. The circular economy shows us a life cycle: rebirth of worn out things, given new life and purpose.

FR Contest 2020: Mood board ”Renewal”

Our Members chose this year’s theme from three possibilities that all reflect sustainability, recycling and upcycling. How can we textile artists be a part of the solution, rather than part of the problem, when it comes to waste and toxic practices? We encourage you to look at this theme in addition to Renewal as an extra source of ideas to incorporate into your entry this year. Natural dyes, recycled plastics, utilising fabric scraps – everyone can do something to be a creative part of the solution!
Additional mood board: ”Upcycling and Sustainability”



FR Contest 2020: The Complete Guide and Official Rules


You go …

14 juni 2019

… where I can not follow

Oooh my!

11 juni 2019

Is this buying silk fabrics in thrift stores turning into
a shopping addiction?

Must have FABRIC
Good price
Buy now – sew later

Yesterday I came home with this vibrating ghastly pinkish magenta silk fabric with contrasting light blue and yellow stripes. Two pieces one 3.30×0,9m and the other 1,6×0,9m. Price a bargain. But what am I going to sew from this fabric? The colour is mildly put luminescent modern perhaps even tom modern for trimmings?

WOW, Just love the sound …

10 juni 2019

at 4.30 in the morning