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Oh NOooo!

31 december 2019

Another date with the Seam Ripper!

Do I have to remind you that time will become an issue if you continue on this path. Whispered the Pep Squad making a sour face just to underline the point.

Yes, I know
upcycling and recycling are keywords for this project.

Can …

30 december 2019

… pinn-o-puncture…
cure cutting anxiety?

Multiple overlapping layers draped into shape
on Me, pinned and carefully sewn down with tacking thread.

Is there a cure …

29 december 2019

… for severe cutting anxiety?

Just wondering and sewing one small stitch at the time.
Draping a new something on my Me.
Giving new life and purpose to rejected bits of fine hemp fabric.

Mmm – Candy Box

22 december 2019

What to choose?

I collect vintage foil brooches
Some have missing stones and others like this one

just glitter its way into my dreams.

Shiny …

21 december 2019



21 december 2019

…YOU never sew any more…
sqwacked the not so pepp peppsquad

I know
but in the Twenties I might sew
and then this DMC-box with threads will be much needed
Did I say
Thrift store find with fine threads?

Coolest Flower bouquet

18 december 2019

I can not take a photograph that do this cool Flower Bouquet justice.
The combination of colour and flowers where
chosen by Maj.
I feel very privileged and happy for the carefully selected flowers.
Thank you CCLM


Detta bildspel kräver JavaScript.



17 december 2019

This amazing Flower bouquet
was a gift from
C and S
Thank you so much


16 december 2019

No pictures I take can do justice
to these Wonderful Flowers I got from C & G
on my Birth Day
Thank you so much



Spider spider on long legs

12 december 2019

Reflex knyppling