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Into the …

15 februari 2019

… blue

New puzzle panels with hand sewn eyelets


13 februari 2019

Nya trådar dras

Reconnecting …

09 februari 2019

… my braincells,
after intense sewing and problem solving last week

What a week, the sewing of Soft Wire part 6

06 februari 2019

You never learn do you?

Panic brained over bubbly back panel late in the evening on Feb 3rd I had a date with my former best friend the little blue seam ripper seen on desk. I unpicked the upper part of both seam allowance covers to release the bubbling it did release the wrinkeling. What was I thinking? I have no time to resew this. Why did I not go to bed and sleep on it?

What a week, the sewing of Soft Wire part 5

06 februari 2019

Ignore the clock!
Give it time and do not rush your stitching.

Heart racing as the clock ticked on Feb 3rd.

Eyelet mania

25 januari 2019

Every change of fabric craves
a new back panel  and even more hand sewn eyelets


24 januari 2019

… Wrrroooooooom…


Nope flat as a pancake


Wohoohooo …

14 januari 2019

Admit you got sidetracked!
No, I make another me.

Inspired by Caroline Woollins article on Making a One Panel Corset with Gores
I now make me another me to keep me company.

Learning how to machine sew …

11 januari 2019

Detta bildspel kräver JavaScript.

… neat seams.

Eeeh jo. Släta sömmar skall det vara även om mönstret kurvar sig, det är i alla fall mitt mål. Så sömnaden tar mycket längre tid än jag tänkt mig för hur syr man egentligen en snygg maskinsöm? I vilken ordning skall man sy ihop mönsterdelarna och varför fungerar det ena sättet bättre än det andra. Min lärandekurva har en brant uppförsbacke framför sig.

Hello …

10 januari 2019

I am still here