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18 mars 2020

Stor nål
liten nål
prick prick prick
och vips
blev det en massa syhål

Time to sew

17 mars 2020

Plastic can sometimes be fantastic
Artist’s book WIP with pages made from recycled coffee bags

Kom du i kläm?

16 mars 2020

På börsen min vän?

Sunday visitor …

14 mars 2020

… to coffee house book



Sewing and …

11 mars 2020

… unpicking
I am stuck in a evil loop of indecisiveness

More sewing

10 mars 2020

This time a front door is sewn to a coffee packet
smelly smellly
mmm coffee

Hellooo …

09 mars 2020

I am still here,
busy cutting paper and piling up non working dummies.
Sharing one of Hubbies fantastic photos from my book building crash site

Good Morning

06 mars 2020

Have a nice day

Why make just one?

05 mars 2020

When you can cut five


Good Morning …

05 mars 2020

Daisy and green grass on the fold down staircase