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Did you notice …

31 oktober 2018

… time stopped just after ten

Dagens bäst fynd

30 oktober 2018

En gammal plastficka

Det var nog tur …

29 oktober 2018

…att jag inte blev kirurg…

Weee I WIN …

29 oktober 2018

… you loose


This is just great,

28 oktober 2018

Angela thought, and felt like Gulliver when she visited Athens


27 oktober 2018

… this was MY lucky number!

What was I thinking …

26 oktober 2018

… when I let Hubbie take a picture of my newest fascinator

But Aaah !

26 oktober 2018

The joy of reading comic books

Time for closure

25 oktober 2018

Here a sneak peek of the fascinator that did not get finished in time.

The translucent disk are made from black tulle and decorated with recycled scraps from my purple dupioni silk evening dress, vintage sequins and Swarovski foil stones. I will finish it today and put it in a labelled box for future use.

Oh my!

23 oktober 2018

 I am chestless…