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31 december 2018

hampa, lin

Rubberband waistline

30 december 2018

I lost my waistline in the alteration process.

I used a rubber band to find it one more time and draw it on to my new pattern pieces.  As the pattern pieces are slanted it does not work  just to place the panels at whim and guess where the strait grain waistline are. The fabric will pucker if the grain line is offset from the waistline. I keep learning new things.

Now I have some analysing and redrawing to do

Moving forward

30 december 2018

Still boneless and in need of some extra padding.

Good morning, something went wrong

30 december 2018

Jag har antingen krympt eller mätt fel.

I have either shrunk or measured something wrong the two inch gap lacing gap is poof gone.

Mera kurva tack

29 december 2018

Rita klippa sy…

It has …

29 december 2018

… begun.

O Dear …

29 december 2018

Strange fish on Ham

Normal people use …

28 december 2018

… grommets,
you know that right?
But metal grommets itch.

No wonder this takes time when you hand sew every eyelet on both back panels.
by the way they look like hairy fish tails.

But but but

27 december 2018

Are you going to use more silk?
This will end in tears.
Just saying…

Yey, more fusion …

27 december 2018

Please DO Remember,
that getting carried with new materials often
end with tears of frustration.