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Checking inside and

31 januari 2020


Scribbling stitch on the white space between the golden paper


30 januari 2020

Major set back
Inside white but outside falling apart
I need to put the stay cover back on ME, rearrange and sew down all the stripes by hand.
I got time


29 januari 2020

of chocolate cake



28 januari 2020

O’Boy are you in for a day of handsewing
Yep, No time pressure at all



28 januari 2020

-Did you eat all that chocolate!
Yes, but not all by me self I baked many cakes and shared with good friends,
I have been collecting chocolate paper for more that 10 years.

Time to use some

Chocolate paper …

27 januari 2020

… as a part of the cover up …

Weee …

24 januari 2020

…Yesterday was…

Patterning the lining

23 januari 2020

 The inside is always white
Luca Costigliolo Mentor on Foundations Revealed

I am happy and I keep learning.

The inside is no longer the same as the outside

Reality check

23 januari 2020

Thank you AL for the much needed reality check photos (not posted here) on what my back looks like 20+ years after the original Stay pattern was drafted. Instead of grinding my teeth with pain from wearing something that no longer fits I have now been customizing the pattern to fit my asymmetric body. Sometimes you do need to take a step outside the mainstream vision of pretty and open your eyes and see. For instance ask the question: what is this object you sew supposed to do? Stays are supposed to give you good posture and distribute the weight when wearing heavy dresses. So, I am ditching my favorite jeans and adapting the stays sewn from Hubbies favourite jeans. I am also approaching the boning from a new angel considering support, pressure points and comfort. It is a joy to finally acknowledge that  I do not need to squeeze me into something uncomfortable I now have the confidence to change the pattern and rearrange how the boning is distributed inside to fit me without losing to much of the period silhouette.

Oh my oh my

22 januari 2020

Is this why Hubbie can not find his favourite jeans?
Yes, I cut them up and sew a pair of stays.