It is easy …

12 augusti 2019

… to be seduced

End of Eldsagor…

11 augusti 2019

…  a pure magical fire show
performed by
Fae Fire Group

Revisiting my childhoods …

25 juli 2019

… favourite technique ”quick knitting”

I had no loom so I made me a quick one from a vintage reel and some hair clips. Giving it a test knit I think I had more patience as a child with this technique, there is absolutely nothing quick about quick knitting.

Good morning,

22 juli 2019

This is not what you think it is.

Ten days to go …

21 juli 2019

… and you are making a fabric puzzle lining!
Says the not so optimistic pep squad.

Rosta tyg

20 juli 2019


Detta bildspel kräver JavaScript.

Men så bra,
hela skålen är ju full med rost.
Nu kan jag färga det vita klädet
och sy fina öron till mina käpphästar

Idag lägger jag …

19 juli 2019

… ett spillbits pussel

Good morning, this has to …

19 juli 2019

… mean something

It is a GOAT!

18 juli 2019

It is a horse

Midday …

16 juli 2019

Eye candy