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Look what I found

19 februari 2021

I found this really nice photo stream from Doverode Book Arts Festival in 2011 when I Googled my name. If you visit the link above you will see many inspiring, fun and beautiful Artist’s Books.

This fantastic photo of my Artist’s Book In the Air was taken
when it was exhibited at Doverode Book Arts Festival in 2011
another view can be seen here


Renraiden springer mot ljuset …

16 februari 2021

Flocken Size Matters from 2012
close up



14 februari 2021

Book number 3
Flocken size matters
This big hand cut book no longer exist in its original form

Another Heartbreaker

13 februari 2021

Flocken in its original form
is no more

Life goes on

12 februari 2021

My lovely hand cut artist’s book

Searching for Home (2013)
in it original form is no more
I am heartbroken

Over the years the book has been exhibited in several places and countries. Somewhere along the way it has been in contact with mould and the paper has picked up a heavy smell and gotten damaged.  I had to unpick the book and throw away the book cover. It is doubtful that I can salvage the paper cuts but I will try.


18 mars 2020

Stor nål
liten nål
prick prick prick
och vips
blev det en massa syhål

Kom du i kläm?

16 mars 2020

På börsen min vän?

Sunday visitor …

14 mars 2020

… to coffee house book



More sewing

10 mars 2020

This time a front door is sewn to a coffee packet
smelly smellly
mmm coffee

Hellooo …

09 mars 2020

I am still here,
busy cutting paper and piling up non working dummies.
Sharing one of Hubbies fantastic photos from my book building crash site