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Giving ME a good …

25 oktober 2019

… squeeze with a boneless corset …

ME my newly sewn tailors dummy needed yet another downsizing so I laced on one of my many corset toiles i made last autumn and last it thight. ME now have a total of +5 cm build in space for breathing, movement and weight gain. Lets see how this draped and handsewn purple dupioni silkdress turn out.

Fitting the garments Foundation …

02 oktober 2019

…  on my
newly sewn scale 1:1 Tailors Dummy named
meme 2019

Skarpt …

27 september 2019

… mönster …

Godmorgon …

26 september 2019

saxa saxa klipp klipp

Pepp Squaden är aningen opeppig


25 september 2019

Me and my new body

Q: Did you learn anything?
A: I think so,
lets see if I can speed make a regency pattern on my new draper


22 september 2019

What can go wrong?

Will this become …

21 september 2019

… a pretty neckline?

Sniff sniff

21 september 2019

Smelly armpit!
Yes true
only a whiff of hemp canvas

Good Morning, up early …

18 september 2019

… this morning
and drafting a 3D pattern for flexible shoulders
to my canvas dress form. Hopefully it will work as intended.

Yoga Bend

17 september 2019

I beg you!
Do not try this yoga bend in real life.
Whispered a chocked member of the Pep Squad