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Is there a cure …

29 december 2019

… for severe cutting anxiety?

Just wondering and sewing one small stitch at the time.
Draping a new something on my Me.
Giving new life and purpose to rejected bits of fine hemp fabric.

Giving ME a good …

25 oktober 2019

… squeeze with a boneless corset …

ME my newly sewn tailors dummy needed yet another downsizing so I laced on one of my many corset toiles i made last autumn and last it thight. ME now have a total of +5 cm build in space for breathing, movement and weight gain. Lets see how this draped and handsewn purple dupioni silkdress turn out.


23 oktober 2019

Vintage Buy

Always the optimist

22 oktober 2019

I fell into a mind trap and lost track of time.
Every time I picked down the draped pattern my brain and hands instantly started to correct the asymmetric pattern pieces into something that looked correct a symmetrical. Only one big problem I am not symmetrical so the corrected flat pattern will not fit. Draped patterns made on my tailors dummy will fit since the dummy is made from a on my body fitted Toile.

for learned misconceptions, pattern blindness  and mind loops
No green dress for me this year.
But why give up
There is still time
May 2020 is month away


Fitting the garments Foundation …

02 oktober 2019

…  on my
newly sewn scale 1:1 Tailors Dummy named
meme 2019

Godmorgon …

26 september 2019

saxa saxa klipp klipp

Pepp Squaden är aningen opeppig


25 september 2019

Me and my new body

Q: Did you learn anything?
A: I think so,
lets see if I can speed make a regency pattern on my new draper

Good Morning, up early …

18 september 2019

… this morning
and drafting a 3D pattern for flexible shoulders
to my canvas dress form. Hopefully it will work as intended.

Yoga Bend

17 september 2019

I beg you!
Do not try this yoga bend in real life.
Whispered a chocked member of the Pep Squad

Body canvas

17 september 2019