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Sunday visitor …

14 mars 2020

… to coffee house book



Now is our time

29 februari 2020

The competition has begone
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but I think the public can comment on the entries.

Hopping into …

16 februari 2020


Detta bildspel kräver JavaScript.

into my Coffeebag skirt on a Sunday

Finding the right

09 februari 2020

balance in life

Mmm chocolate

06 februari 2020

… cake …


the best part

Golden chocolate paper

How much coffee …

05 februari 2020

… did you have to drink,
before having collected enough inner plastic bags to sew a skirt???

Many many cups


Dreamy dreamy me

04 februari 2020

Thank you AnnaLena, I could not have done this without your help getting dress.
Wearing a paper coffee cup and stays made from chocolate paper is the best feeling ever.

It makes me squeal with laughter.