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Soft rolled edges

18 november 2019

Working with Sinamay is a challange.

I need to practice my rolling skill some more. It took me hours before I managed to achieve a soft rolled edge without any sharp and broken lines. Next time I will start with a circle not a square. I will ad +1 cm for roll edge to the circles circuit before cutting having less surplus material and even edges to start with might make rolling easier. Hmmm

Good morning

17 november 2019

strange things will be cooking in our Kitchen.

Ocean Blue Sinamay …

16 november 2019

… on the table waiting to be cut.

Working with

10 september 2019

… sinamay is difficult.

This my second attempt with freehand sculpting a sinamay facinator. I definitely need to practice more and learn how I can keep the material in shape while steaming the areas I work with. It is so frustrating to see  a beautiful shape flatten out just like that.

It looks better on a head with hair than on my pantihose covered face and head block.
I will make new fashinator and try some other shape.


Good morning, a …

09 september 2019

… outer space Vibe came upon me this morning
when workning with a new Sinamay hat.

Strange things cooking

08 september 2019

… in our kitchen