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Nya redskap

17 maj 2017

Men jo!
Se där, vilket loppisfynd !

Nu är jag en lycklig ägare till både en urgammal tambour nål med skaft av ben och 22 extra par pinnar i en trevlig liten papask. 1700-tals projektet kommer att få broderi och spets med stil.

Oh my!

26 februari 2017

metal thread embroidery on sari 3

This is truly amazing.

Wednesday 22 feb I got a gift from K that almost made me faint.
A beautifully Sequin embroidered Sari.

metal thread embroidery on sari 2

Just look at it,
the fine work with purl, the metal threads for flower stems, and tiny sequins.

metal thread embroidery on sari 3


metal thread embroidery on sari

Look at the finish on the backside!

Each embroidered detail such as the 1,5 cm small flowers and the boarders are carefully sewn with fastenings of the threads that in itself is a small artwork. It makes my heart bleed to think of the amount of time and patience gone into this lovely Sari fabric.

Thank You K