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Testing testing

16 juni 2020


Searching for a …

16 juni 2020

… look alike.

A small 14k gold chain serve as reference for the right golden colour.
In real life this is a near perfect colour match.
Hmm, how many soup cube foils with this colour do I have?
lets see 1, 2, 3, 4. 5 ….


I am a Collector.

15 juni 2020

I like to work with recycled materials and I save the metal foil wrapping that normally would be discarded as waste when unwrapping a chocolate bar or a soup cube.  I do work with metal leafs such as gold, brass, aluminium and silver but I find these modern leafs to thin to use on a surface exposed to wear. The foils above are sturdier and they are pre-glued to a paper backing. If the chocolate paper was good for machine sewing then perhaps the soup cube foil might be good for gilding buttons.



Erk! Soup for dinner, again

14 juni 2020

I want the foil wrapping

Gold leaf on …

14 juni 2020

Wood button?
Hmmm, what to do?

Ooo, look at …

14 juni 2020

Chapter 6
Susan North 18th-Centry Fashion in Detail

Sunday visitor …

14 mars 2020

… to coffee house book



Now is our time

29 februari 2020

The competition has begone
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To view my entry
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Please note that only members of Foundation revealed can vote in this competition
but I think the public can comment on the entries.

Good morning on the table …

19 februari 2020

… some of my favourite tools.
Mammas strykjärn och en bandkrusare

Hopping into …

16 februari 2020


Detta bildspel kräver JavaScript.

into my Coffeebag skirt on a Sunday