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28 januari 2020

-Did you eat all that chocolate!
Yes, but not all by me self I baked many cakes and shared with good friends,
I have been collecting chocolate paper for more that 10 years.

Time to use some

Vintage ruffler foot

30 maj 2019

This might be cheating,
but I have this nifty vintage ruffler foot to help me with the pleating.


29 maj 2019

…Jo, men se!
Det här var ju inte riktigt lätt som en plätt.

När jag sydde min korset i våras kunde jag konstatera att min torso är tämligen asymmetrisk. Det medför att jag inte bara kan spegelvända mönsterdelarna utan att jag måste rita upp varje sida för sig och skapa en optisk illusion av symmetri. Det blir en spännande utmaning att klura på idag.

Start up

28 maj 2019

Well, hello me and my wrong period corset

I will try to drape a regency dress on to your body
and see if I can make sewing pattern.


Dagen efter …

24 maj 2019

… en Jane Austen filmkväll …

Hmmmm hur svårt kan det vara,
att sy en regency klänning?

Best tool today …

04 december 2018

might be
the little blue  seam ripper

Nooo, Minime

24 maj 2018

… Just kidding.

I am testing the outlines in Photoshop to see what the new pattern would look like with both sides completed. As you can see I have to construct some serious padding for my both my hips to obtain the soft bell like shape that I am after.

Curvy Minime

24 maj 2018

Front view
of new contour line

Back view
of new contour line

Padding me …

23 maj 2018

… up.

Reshaping minime

23 maj 2018

Flat pattern making is not my cup of tea.

I need longer corset with soft curves, so I am experimenting with reshaping my original pattern draped to fit minime by adding extensions and sewing them on to each pattern piece. I will shape and sew them into the desired form and then unpick the corset and redraw the pattern in illustrator.