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To burn out, …

18 november 2017

… or not to burn out?

Det visar sig inte vara så enkelt att bara skala ned fluga till 25 % storlek och hoppas att det går bra att skära ut den. När jag granskar det utskurna resultatet från förra söndagen under lupp så tycker jag att alldeles för många detaljer har gått förlorade. Skärlinjerna ligger alldeles för tätt så dagen kommer att gå åt till att finjustera flugor och rita nya flugpapper.

Laser cut Cynomya Mortuorum …

17 november 2017

… in locket as closure …

Cynomya mortuorum

13 november 2017


Detta bildspel kräver JavaScript.

Igår kryllade det med flugor i lilla lasern.

One hairy …

09 november 2017

… book coming up…

Remember me always

08 november 2017


Her face redrawn in Photoshop.
Based on the vintage photo below

Years ago I fell in love with this family photograph of a sweet young girl taken 1904. I find it sad knowing she died only two years after this picture where taken. To me it is a beautiful image even though the photographer was a bit shaky on the hand the picture echoes laughter and life. The few images I have seen of this girl keep surfacing in my mind as if she whispers to me from another time: we all have to die, but still, remember me always.

I know your name

Good Morning, where did I …

07 november 2017

… put my hair?

Godmorgon, nävern spretar och …

06 november 2017

… det luktar skogsbrand i ateljén.

So very fragile …

05 november 2017

Give me patience.

I am hand sewing my brittle bark kerf onto a support made from 1mm birch ply with thin black silkthread. The kerf result on old birch bark did not turn out the way I had hoped for. After 3 days when the bark dried up the small ends in the kerf started to curl up. I wanted to make this book for Memento Mori but I realise the book might be to fragile to send with in the post. So best to make a second book and a third just in case I need to choose.