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SinedIe 15

23 juli 2018

The road we travel

How to unfold the Book Page

Detta bildspel kräver JavaScript.




29 juni 2018

… nu blir det fikapaus

Lets go for a ride

18 juni 2018

Renault 4L

Sinedie XIV

30 april 2018

When letters comes with a warning for Stendhals syndrom it get really interesting.

We had an unpacking and a small presentation of the Sinedie XIV ( you can view the whole edition here ) last Wednesday at SoftLab.  We did not heed Maria and Albertos warning for Stendhal

At high risk and many Ooos and Aaaahs
we unpacked and explored all the pages at once.

Marvellous and fun!


Thank you Jaime for including Fly girl in this edition.