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The one memory …

08 december 2018

… that make best friends
squeal with laughter forever …

Next time …

01 december 2018

… I take the chimney

I had to do it …

15 november 2018

Rocky the Raccoon got himself spliced
into a fur muff on a different time line,
just because we said:
Do not use fireplace number 5.

Did you notice …

31 oktober 2018

… time stopped just after ten

This is just great,

28 oktober 2018

Angela thought, and felt like Gulliver when she visited Athens


27 oktober 2018

… this was MY lucky number!

Ooh no, Doreen whispered

08 oktober 2018

Thinking about Larry, was not a good idea when apparating.

Wicked news!

24 september 2018

This September,
miss Francine got herself wrinkled, shrunk and spliced into a new time line.


24 september 2018

… party girl