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Cutting …

02 mars 2020

… red doors


01 mars 2020

I need a blue door


23 februari 2020

ICA Mariehems bästa vaxpapper

Starting to get there

22 februari 2020

Good morning crashed object

21 februari 2020

on the table

Back to basic

20 februari 2020

Calculating pop up structures by building dummies

Lost in Illustrator …

15 februari 2020

Illustrator eats time I have been lost for days.

I have been sitting drafting cutting templates for a series of new Artist’s Books for my upcoming participation in Jubileumsutställning – Umeå Konstförening 85 år.  I am experimenting not only with paper cutting and embroidery but also with limited sizing. The new Artist’s books will be made to fit under a glass dome.  I am quit curious to see if I will be able to construct something smallish …