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It is a GOAT!

18 juli 2019

It is a horse

The stitching goes on and on

16 juli 2019

Hand sewing do take time

Godmorning, why make it easy?

15 juli 2019

When you can make it difficult ???
No time saving short cut in sight.

I need a horse!

14 juli 2019

Not a living horse
a hobby horse.

 Rut, Iris and Linda
Thank you for the inspiration.

Did you learn anything yesterday?

14 juli 2019

Yes I did

That it is time to get some sleep
when I start cutting out ugly sewn eyelets on a toy.


Nice toes …

13 juli 2019

Detta bildspel kräver JavaScript.

Leather lining on woollen Thorsbjerg Trouser sewn.
Now blissful eyelet sewing .
27 eyelets on each leg for lacing the trousers shut.

The good wife …

12 juli 2019

… is now sewing a pair of woollen Thorsbjerg Trousers
to go with the linen undies.
Bellow you find the link to go to Freyja Eriksdottirs artikel on how to construct the TT
link to pattern construction

New day

08 juli 2019

More sewing


07 juli 2019

Wrong century

Detaljerna gör …

31 juli 2018

… skjortan.
Snörningen på ena ärmens mudd