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God morgon …

07 februari 2019

Fönstersmyg, Groddagården på Gotland

Igår tog jag en liten utflykt ned i fotoarkivets gömmor för att hitta bilder som kunde illustrera vad som inspirerade mig till att sy Soft Wire en korset sydd av en tunn vitt hellinnegardin med ojämna inslag.

Mätare med vitputsad vägg bakom i övergivet maskinrum

Elledningar och kontakter som verkligen inte skulle klara dagens elsäkerhetskrav

What a week, the sewing of Soft Wire part 7

06 februari 2019

Good Morning 7th day
Time to focus and lace up.

Detail of the corners of the binding

What a week, the sewing of Soft Wire part 6

06 februari 2019

You never learn do you?

Panic brained over bubbly back panel late in the evening on Feb 3rd I had a date with my former best friend the little blue seam ripper seen on desk. I unpicked the upper part of both seam allowance covers to release the bubbling it did release the wrinkeling. What was I thinking? I have no time to resew this. Why did I not go to bed and sleep on it?

What a week, the sewing of Soft Wire part 6

06 februari 2019

Ok now is not the time to go catatonic with sewing panic, Hubbie said in the evening Feb 3rd. you need to see what it looks like on your body. Put the corset on without the fan lacing  and I will take some pictures.

Oh my!
I have shrunk some more!
This is me with a slight touch of panic.

Give me a smile 😀

I do not think that you are planning on walking around in those nice drawers with the corset on.
Why not hop into that nice fluffy underskirt you sew for your purple dress.

Detta bildspel kräver JavaScript.

What a week, the sewing of Soft Wire part 5

06 februari 2019

Ignore the clock!
Give it time and do not rush your stitching.

Heart racing as the clock ticked on Feb 3rd.

What a week, the sewing of Soft Wire part 4

06 februari 2019

Early morning February 3
My will not give up!

My ambition is still to sew a neat corset.

This is the not so speedy sewing part of stubborn hand sewing.  04.00 in morning it is really dark outside in northern Sweden and to see where I was sewing I had to use my magnifier.

The smooth inside of the corset can be seen in magnifier.
I had to flip back and forth to see if the stitching of the upper lining held a neat line

This is the outside of Soft Wire

 I manage to overcome my cutting anxiety and used this beautiful thin white vintage tissue like linen fabric for lining. I have only 2 meters and bias cutting it into strips was very stressful I discovered. I think I might have a cutting up fabric problem to address later on.

What a week, the sewing of Soft Wire part 3

06 februari 2019

February 2

Giving up is not my forte I still had my inner shell. With some rethinking of my construction and a major cover up of the seam allowances I might just be able to at least get a project sewn in time before the deadline on Feb 4th.


What a week, the sewing of Soft Wire part 2

06 februari 2019

Evening February 1

Sometimes it is better to go to bed when tired but do I ever learn? The answer is: NOoo. I so wanted to have plenty of time to match the outer shell with the inner, that I when to tired to think turned on my iron I forgot to check the temperature. Focus was on: If only I pressed out the seam allowances the match would be better, and that little wrinkle on the second lacing panel…

Outer shell was a complete burn out.

Note to self: If you are to tired to think get some sleep and do
NO last minute ironing.

Ok, now I did go to sleep somewhat blank in mind. This was a major setback and I have very little time left before deadline 4th feb and no extra fabric or time to resew new panels with eyelets. Very stressful situation.

What a week, the sewing of Soft Wire part 1

06 februari 2019

27 January the original concept fan lacing for Soft Wire

This was a the original fan lacing concept for my competition entry for the Foundation Revealed contest 2019. Soft plaster like linen panels with curves like the Sydney Opera House.

Ooo YES!
Soft outer shell in progress



01 februari 2019

This was a nasty jab.
Better do something else while healing.