What a week, the sewing of Soft Wire part 2

Evening February 1

Sometimes it is better to go to bed when tired but do I ever learn? The answer is: NOoo. I so wanted to have plenty of time to match the outer shell with the inner, that I when to tired to think turned on my iron I forgot to check the temperature. Focus was on: If only I pressed out the seam allowances the match would be better, and that little wrinkle on the second lacing panel…

Outer shell was a complete burn out.

Note to self: If you are to tired to think get some sleep and do
NO last minute ironing.

Ok, now I did go to sleep somewhat blank in mind. This was a major setback and I have very little time left before deadline 4th feb and no extra fabric or time to resew new panels with eyelets. Very stressful situation.

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