How do you sew this?

Ibland får jag frågan om hur jag syr snörhål.

Det är lätt att visa när man sitter bredvid och syr tillsammans men det är inte helt enkelt att minnas hur det var man gjorde när man lagt sömnaden åt sidan i ett par dagar. Jag har därför sammanställt en bildtutorial på engelska som stöd för minnet. Den handlar om hur det var vi gjorde när vi sydde de där snörhålen. Du får gärna skriva ut den eller länka till den om du vill.


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Ett svar to “How do you sew this?”

  1. mariannelaimer Says:

    Some answers to asked questions 😀

    Yes linen thread is strong, but the strength of the thread depends on how thick a thread you use. I use threads intended for bobbin lace mainly because those are the ones I can come by at reasonable price in thrift stores in Sweden. But normal buttonhole thread also works nicely. The thread used in the pictures is a nr 50/3 thread.

    What kind of thread I use?
    It depends on type of fabric and if the eyelet are to be seen or not. If I need an eyelet to be extra strong I sew it double. That means I first sew one and finish it then I over sew it with a finer thread. How far apart your stitches ought to be when sewing depends on how thick your thread is. The threads should lie neatly next to each other in the hole. The way I do it is: I measure how far apart the stitches need to be when I have made my first stitch. The next one I make I push the needle thru fabric and pull it out of the hole and make sure that the threads lie flat next to each other before pulling and securing the thread thru the loop as in the picture with the knot step two loop.

    The thread tear and break after a only couple stitches?
    The trick of easy sewing with linen thread is to choose your needle wisely. The eye of your needle and the thickness of your needle needs to a little bigger that the thread you sew with and not to use to long a thread. Make a test eyelet and mind how much thread you need just to sew the eyelet an ad some 5 cm for securing your knot.

    My experience with eyelets is that they can wear out when often used. How fast they wear out depends on a variety of factors such as strain and what kind of string/band/ leather/cord you put thru the holes. Another factor for wear out seems to depend on what kind of thread you use.
    My no HA experience with eyelet sewing is that embroidery threads are too soft and loose and wear out fast. Gütterman polyester threads are a horror to sew with they will twist and turn and get knotted where you do not want any knots. I have tried sewing with 100% cotton crocket DMC threads with numbers from 40 – 80 and they work nicely as do linen threads made for bobbin lace, and silk I suppose, but I never tried.


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